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  • Fall 2007 (PDF 6 Mb)
  • Summer 2007 (PDF 7 Mb)
  • Spring 2007 (PDF 1.4Mb)
    The Aggregate Producers Association
    of British Columbia

    BCSSGA Newsletter - SCREENINGS

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    • Fall 2007 (PDF 6 Mb)
      • APABC set to launch workplace safety action plan
      • Minister of state for mining calls for enhanced safety measures
      • Construction Safety Network partnering with APABC to create achievable plan
      • APABC supports Chief Inspector's three-pillar safety approach
    • Summer 2007 (PDF 7 Mb)
      • MLA says gravel pilot project to be okayed by APABC
      • B.C.'s Chief Inspector of Mines stresses job training and safety
      • New president wants aggregate declared provincial resource
      • Career opportunities available in road building and heavy construction
    • Spring 2007 (PDF 1.4Mb)
      • Aggregate industry prepares to meet new mining minister
      • Industries cry foul as District of Mission prohibits barge-loading
      • Fraser valley aggregate pilot project back on track
      • Construction Safety Network staff learn why aggregates rock!
    • Fall 2006 (PDF 1.5Mb)
      • Mines Minister urges local governments to be proactive
      • APABC seeks strength in numbers
      • Union of B.C. Municipalities defers contentious resolution
      • Fraser Valley Aggregate Pilot Project on hold
    • Summer 2006 (PDF 3.6Mb)
      • APABC calls for action on stalled gravel pilot project
      • CRAC works to improve rivers health
      • APABC meets with Coast Inter-Agency Management Committee
      • New Assistant Deputy Minister listens to industry concerns
    • Spring 2006 (PDF 1.4Mb)
      • B.C. government changes position on coloured fuel
      • Business sector supports New Relationship with BC's First Nations
      • Fraser Valley Aggregate Pilot Project Update
      • News in Brief
      • Online job website responds to B.C.'s skilled worker shortage
    •  Fall 2005 (PDF 1009k bytes)
      • Minister Bill Bennett tours Lower Mainland gravel pits - APABC talks to minister about zoning issues, coloured fuel concerns
      • Court injunction halts processing activities
      • APABC to create injunction instruction kit
      • News in Brief
      • APABC members at Heavy Construction Show
    •  Summer 2005 (PDF 906k bytes)
      • Aggregate companies urged to apply for safety training - Program helps reduce workplace injuries, cut compensation claims
      • APABC funds Fraser Valley Aggregate Pilot Project
      • RDN takes Copcan Contracting to court
      • Aggregate producers contribute to charity
      • Workplace safety awards
    •  Spring 2005 (PDF 1.3M bytes)
      • B.C. budget is good news for aggregate industry - MLAs say industry plays significant role in provincial economy
      • Nanaimo Regional District vs. Copcan Contracting in court
      • B.C.'s Mining Plan recognizes aggregate industry
      • APABC seeks protection from prohibitive bylaws
      • FVRD Gravel Pilot Project committee continues mapping
      • Association AGM scheduled for May

    BCSSGA Press Releases

    Friday May 28th, 2004
    The Association, at its Annual General Meeting on May 10th, 2004, elected its Board of Directors and Executive Members for the upcoming 2004/2005 year, as follows:
    Ed Claggett - President - Lafarge Canada Inc. - Construction Materials Division
    Brad Kohl - 1st Vice President - Lafarge Canada Inc - Construction Materials Division
    Jim Allard - 2nd Vice President - Allard Contractors Ltd.
    George Home - Treasurer - Jack Cewe Ltd.
    Barry McLean - Secretary - Valley Gravel Sales Ltd.
    Brian Weeks - Past President - Mainland Sand & Gravel Ltd.

    Directors: Ted Carlson - Ross West Aggregates Ltd., Marc de Boer - Finning Canada Inc., Bob Esau (R.A. Esau Consulting & Contracting), John Foreman - Powerscreen of Canada (Western) Ltd., Pat Hayes - Lehigh Northwest Materials Ltd., Drew Jared - Ash Grove Cement Co., Dave Smith (Thurber Engineering Ltd.), John Tiefenbacher (Diamond Equipment Group), Trevor Ward - On Track Equipment Inc. and Chuck Willms - Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP.
    British Columbians consume 55 million tonnes of aggregates annually in the construction of schools, hospitals, roads and general infrastructure construction. The aggregate producers employ several thousand employees throughout BC, and generate over 2 billion dollars in economic benefits for the Provincial economy. We are proud of our safety record within the mining industry and we continue to strive to ensure a safe workplace for all employees in the industry.
    Safety Awards
    The Honourable Pat Bell - Minister of State for Mining, recently participated in presenting the aggregate industry with the 2002 and 2003 safety awards. Presentations for 2002 Safety Awards were made to Coquitlam Sand & Gravel Ltd., Lafarge - Valley Rite - Mix - Cannon Pit, Allard Contractors - pit D, Copcan Contracting - Nanaimo - Jameson Quarry, Jack Cewe Ltd. - Jervis Inlet, Imperial Paving - Ross Road pit, Pitt River Quarries - Pitt Meadows quarry.
    2003 Safety Awards were presented to Allard Contractors - pit D and Mission pits, Lafarge Canada - Central Aggregates and Valley Rite - Mix (Cannon pit), Copcan Contracting - Nanaimo - Jameson Quarry, Fraser Valley Aggregates - pit "15", Imperial Paving - Ross Road pit, Jack Cewe - Jervis Inlet and Pitt River Quarries - Pitt Meadows quarry. These companies reported over 350,000 man - hours without a time loss accident over the 2 - year period. We encourage all aggregate producers to continue to work safely.
    Thank you,
    Paul Allard - Executive Director

    December 2002
    The Aggregate Producers Association of BC (APABC) recently held their 5 th annual Safety/ Reclamation/ Community Relations awards luncheon at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey, BC.
    Over 50 members and guests enjoyed presentations by Valley Gravel Sales Ltd. of Abbotsford, who presented to us the positive applications of reclaiming a depleted aggregate mine, and turning it into a property for future use ­ Gray Road Pit (Winner ­ Reclamation Award).
    Dani Astles of Steelhead Aggregates Ltd. explained the company's long - term relationship with the community. Steelhead Aggregates invites elementary school students to tour through their gravel deposits throughout the Fraser Valley. More than 700 students enjoy the experience every year. Other Fraser Valley aggregate producers are planning to do the same, so that our school kids can learn, firsthand, what the aggregate industry is all about. (Winner­Community Relations Award). Allard Contractors Ltd. was also given an award for Community Relations, for the company's ongoing support of the school kids tours, and the support of many other charity organizations in the Coquitlam, BC area.
    The final presentations of the day included a number of safety awards. The APABC continues to promote safety in the workplace, and have recently established a "Safety Library", comprising of several expensive safety videos depicting the benefits of working safely. These videos are available for use by members only, and afford the smaller aggregate producer companies the same opportunity to promote safety in the workplace, as their larger competitors. There is " No cost" to members for the use of these videos.
    Safety Awards were presented in several categories, based on the total number of man hours worked in a specific aggregate pit or quarry, with "No time - loss" accidents. The awards were presented to:
    1) Steelhead Aggregates Ltd. received 3 safety awards for their pits located in Chilliwack (Skway Pit and Connor Road Pit) and their pit in Deroche. (Total man - hours = 69,641)
    2) Allard Contractors Ltd. received 3 safety awards for Pit "D" in Coquitlam, the Mission Pit and the Haney Pit. (Total man - hours =63,587)
    3) Lafarge Canada received 2 safety awards for the Cannon Pit and Coquitlam Sand & Gravel Pit. (Total man - hours = 31,483)
    4) Fraser Valley Aggregates Ltd. was the recipient of a safety award for the Bradner Road Pit in Abbotsford, BC. (20,502 man - hours)
    5) Coast Aggregates Ltd. received the safety award for their Centennial Way Pit in Squamish, BC (14,239 man - hours)
    6) Jack Cewe Ltd. received their safety award for the Jervis Inlet operation located on BC's rugged coast. (10,130 man - hours)
    7) AG Appel Enterprises Ltd., Kelowna, BC, also received a safety award for the Casorso Pit in Kelowna, BC. (8000 man - hours).
    The Aggregate Producers Association of BC is a not - for - profit Association representing the aggregate production industry and their suppliers throughout BC. The Province of B.C. consumes over 50 million tonnes of aggregates annually. That's just about one whole truckload of gravel for every man, woman and child in the Province. Aggregates are used in the construction of schools, hospitals, and industrial buildings and high - rises, as well as in building new roads and highways, and maintaining the existing infrastructures that allow us to move freely throughout the Province of BC. For more information on the APABC, please visit our web site at
    Thank you for your continued support of the BC Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Paul Allard - Executive Director
    Sand, Gravel, and Crushed Rock
    Sand, Gravel, and Crushed Rock
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